In this way, men increase their weight 2021

 In this way, men increase their weight 2021

In this way, men increase their weight

High calorie protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat foods are helpful in increasing your weight.

weight gain food men |  In this way, men increase their weight

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Today most people are trying to reduce weight by increasing but there are some people who are suffering from the problem of weight loss (thinness). People buy expensive products in the market to get fat, but such products are not necessarily safe for your health. So we are telling you some diet which can be helpful in increasing your weight without any side effects. Also Read - Weight Gain Foods: If you are troubled by thinness, then include these foods in your diet, weight will increase soon

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In order to gain weight, men must first eat three times a day and do not forget to do workouts before meals and after meals. Also Read - Due to these habits your weight increases, knowing you will be stunned

Increase the amount of calories in food coming through food and beverages. Also Read:  Easy Home Remedy To Normalize Low Blood Pressure

To get physical energy or to get more energy, the amount of carbohydrates in your food should be increased. For this, you can eat grains, rice, pasta, fruits and vegetables.

Remove fatty foods from your diet and include protein rich foods instead.

Nutrient rich foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, brown rice, wheat / grains are beneficial in weight gain.

2 pieces brown bread with butter, 3 egg omelette, cottage cheese pieces and vegetables. Salad, juice, soup can also be included.

Wheat based grains, wheat biscuits and chapattis, pulses, legumes, millet bread, brown rice are very beneficial for health.

Eating soup with 1 teaspoon of butter will also be healthy for you.

Eat dried fruits, rice, fruit custard, honey, jaggery dried carrots, salad. Consume antioxidants-rich walnuts, almonds, figs and other nuts

Use paneer casserole, biryani and stuffed paranthas with cheese sandwiches.

To increase weight, fried papad, pickles, cold drinks, chips, junk food and other similar things should be avoided.

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If you are taking a diet to gain weight, then it is also important to keep a record of your weight gain. Do check your weight at least twice a month.